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The Principle of Mentalism "The All Is Mind, The Universe Is Mental"

So, what does this mean exactly? Well, this principle is stating that The All (or God, or Spirit, or The Creator, or any number of names) is thinking and those thoughts become reality. Let's consider that. Where does everything begin? Everything begins with a thought or idea. If we are focused on those thoughts, passionate about those thoughts, those thoughts become reality. "In the beginning, there was the word." What is a word? A word is a thought expressed through language. When we say something, we create something. Think about that for a moment. When we say to someone "You look great. Is that a new outfit?" we are creating in them a sense of joy. That joy of someone else's joy is our reward. When we say "Get out of my way. You're so stupid." we are creating a sense of dread. In doing so, we experience that same feeling.


An important thing to understand is that just as The All creates, we too create. Why is it that we don't feel the same joy we have in the past? We literally loose our desire to create and to be creative. We fall in to a day-to-day routine of doing the same things over and over. Could you imagine if The All just gave up? If it stopped creating? No more life. No more harvest. No more new ideas. The Universe would come to a screeching halt. Fortunately the entire purpose of The All is to create that which never existed before.


So, what happens if everyone stops creating and acting on new ideas and new thoughts? We have no progression forward. No new innovation. The world has no way to become a better place. It is the responsibility of every person on the planet to follow their dreams, set goals and attain them. Without that happening, our entire civilization would crumble.


What can we do when we are "stuck in a rut"? Do something creative. Seriously, this weekend or your next day off, do something out of the ordinary for you. Go to a museum, art exhibit, concert, play, nature preserve, etc. Or simply pull out your cell phone, find five friends you haven't talked to in a year and call them just to catch up. Doing something different and shaking things up will start you on the path of breaking the stagnation cycle. Once you can start being creative again, whole new possibilities will open up for you.


Always live a loving life!


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