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Do you have goals that have not been realized? Do you have dreams and don't know how to turn them in to goals? Do you feel lost? Are you just wandering through life day to day?

We are meant to be beings of action and accomplishment. Together we will take those goals, uncover what they really mean and accomplish them. Dream big! The Universe dreams bigger!

Our Approach

Our Story

So, who is Martin Couch?


The Early Years

Born in Chicago, IL and raised in its suburbs, Martin has always been a Spiritual being. Having studied theater in college, he worked full time as an actor for several years. Much of his work was in commercials, film and TV. He is now back in Chicago and enjoying all the city has to offer.

Oh, and his cat's name is Star.

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Spiritual Endevours

Starting a spiritual community in 2007, Martin has grown that group to over 1300 people. He has also served as Treasurer of New Thought Chicago and The Piece On Earth Film Festival. An ordained minister, Martin has studied many of the worlds religions. Though very connected to Earth Based Spirituality, he is well versed in Judaism, Christianity, Paganism, Shamanism, New Thought - Science of Mind as well as many others. He has spoken on religious studied at both Loyola University and Northwestern University. Martin is currently pursuing his doctorate degree through the University of Sedona.

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As a Spiritual Life Coach

Always passionate about spirituality and spiritual pursuits, Martin has devoted almost 3/4 of his life to the study of metaphysics and mysticism. Not holding to a single religion, Martin believes we all have the power to unlock the door to our soul and our passion. We are spiritual being experiencing a human existence. However, what we do impacts the existence of everyone we meet and all the people they know and on and on. Our thoughts, feelings and actions have a much larger impact than we may realize. We need to be aware of this fact and strive to live a loving life. In doing so we will impact the whole of the world to be a better place.

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